Nektan Casino Sites

Nektan are a well-known name in the iGaming industry, thanks more to their quantity to their quality for the most part, with countless very similar looking casino sites all existing on the operator’s platform.

Not always the best-reputed in terms of the quality of their output, things seem to be changing heavily for Nektan in 2019, if their most recent financial reports are anything to go by.

So, does this show growth and change for the company? Or is this just a case of the industry being so big at this point, that longevity is enough to ensure eventual success?
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Big Changes

In March 2019, Nektan announced that they had reached the break-even point in December of the previous year, marking the first time in the operator’s history that they had managed to do so.

A staggering increase of 48% since 2017 marked the big achievement for Nektan, with Lucy Buckley, Chief Executive of Nektan, putting the change down to “both increased revenues and operational efficiencies”.

This was part of a big month for Nektan, as March of 2019 also saw the operator reach a deal with Mo Play, a betting platform that is a partner of English football club’s Manchester United and Watford FC.

Mo Play offers over 700 games from the likes of PGSoft and Yggdrasil, with a focus on mobile-friendly output, something that Nektan has always treated as very important.

This agreement was followed by a deal with Wazdan, which saw the popular developer’s games being added to Nektan’s platform.

COO of Nektan, Jane Ryan, said of the deal:

Partnering with Wazdan is an important move for us as we continue to enhance our games offering with content from the industry’s most innovative games providers.

“Through its innovative approach to games development, Wazdan slots will help to diversify the games available through our content distribution platform, E-Lite, and we’re sure they will appeal to our network of global operators and their players.”

Nektan followed up this deal by signing another, this time with UK based Bede Gaming. The deal will see Nektan’s E-Lite platform offering games from Bede.

Speaking of the deal, Ryan, said:

“Nektan’s B2B division and our E-Lite platform continue to demonstrate that we can quickly and easily integrate our premium gaming content into major, large scale operator networks.

“We’re delighted to have secured a partnership with Bede Gaming. It’s fantastic that our diverse catalogue of premium games will be available to its operator partners.

“The integration of our content with Bede Gaming’s platform will enable us to expand our global presence even further.”

Ross Haselhurst, Bede’s Commercial Director, echoed Ryan’s optimism, saying:

“We’re delighted to be integrating Nektan’s content distribution platform, E-Lite, across our thriving network of operators, bringing more exciting content to our clients and their players.

“This is a great partnership for both parties. Nektan’s speed of delivery, management of integration and game performance has led to a seamless process.”

These partnerships added to 10 B2B partners that were live at the end of 2018.

What Does this Mean?

These changes are clearly big, and show definite growth for Nektan, but what do they really mean?

Nektan has, for a long time, seemed to make minimal effort when it comes to the creation of casino sites. While the portfolio of games available on the platform has always been impressive, and smooth and seamless gameplay is something of a hallmark of Nektan sites, the casinos themselves left a lot to be desired.

Essentially, with very few exceptions, the majority of Nektan sites look the same. The designs are slightly different, but this usually only involves there being a change in colour scheme and logo, the latter of which tend to be pretty uninspired to say the least.

It is this that has often left Nektan feeling like they are tailing behind the pack when it comes to online casino output, and regardless of how many deals are made, if this doesn’t change, it is unlikely that the soaring revenue increase seen in the last year will continue.


Nektan also offer a selection of their own games, but it’s fair to say that these, as the sites themselves, can feel a few paces behind the pack in terms of quality.

Slots are the main output from Nektan, and when compared to others released in the modern era, they frankly cannot hold a candle to most of them.

Elf % Safety cannot back up its admittedly amusing title, Mayan Marvels looks like every Mayan themed slot that has come before it, just worse, and the rest of the portfolio fits a similar description.

Table games are a little more impressive, with smooth Blackjack and Roulette titles both on offer, but when it comes to design, there is nothing spectacular here.

Fans of table games don’t tend to look for exciting designs as much, but there are still much better-looking options available that play just as well.

The trend continues with the bingo title on offer from Nektan, it’s fun, and the gameplay is slick, but it’s nothing special to look at, and, again, that works against it when compared with other titles.

What Next?

The growth that Nektan has seen in recent years is undeniably impressive, and shows that, perhaps, more effort is being put in by the developer than we have previously seen, on the business side of things at least.

The comments from Jane Ryan in relation to recent deals shows that there is a drive and an optimism present in Nektan that we may not have seen before, so it is more than possible that we will see a very different operator in the years to come than we have seen before.

But, unless there are serious changes made, especially in terms of design, to both the sites and games that Nektan produces, it is going to continue to land low down the list when compared to the giants of the industry.