Microgaming Casino Sites

When it comes to online casino developers, few can boast the longevity that Microgaming can. The Isle of Man based developed started life in the iGaming world way back in 1994, meaning the company started about as close to the birth of the industry as it’s possible to get.

In the 25 years Microgaming has now been in the industry, they have maintained a place near, if not at the very top of the pile when it comes to developers, which is no easy feat, however long you’ve been around for.

A true household name in the iGaming world, Microgaming have maintained its position by moving with the times, and either keeping up with each evolution in the online casino market, or in some cases, staying ahead of the curve and getting to the changes before competitors do.

The latter has certainly the case with virtual reality, which is very much the new big thing in the online casino world. CEO of Microgaming, Roger Raatgever, has made it very clear in numerous interviews that VR is the focus of the developer’s attention right now.

That isn’t to say Microgaming is neglecting the other parts of its business, because that certainly isn’t the case, but there is no doubt that the provider sees the potential that virtual reality has, and intends to be at the forefront of this exciting new evolution in the industry.

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Mobile Gaming

Before there was VR, there was mobile gaming, arguably the first big evolution of the modern online casino market as we now know it.

Ten years ago, mobile players were a small part of the industry, and one that was not particularly focal on the radar of the majority of developers. While mobile options certainly existed, they tended to be something of an afterthought for the majority of developers.

But as mobile technology improved, so to did the demand for online casino games that could be played on the move. Fast forward to the present day, and mobile and tablet players are a huge part of the industry, and the games available have grown to match the demand.

Microgaming were one of the first developers to see the change coming, and they swiftly started accommodating for mobile players, with the majority of their online casino titles now available in HTML5 format.

Desktop, mobile, and tablet players can now all enjoy the best that Microgaming has to offer, and that is also true of the developer’s growing portfolio of virtual reality games.


Microgaming has always been a developer that looks to cater for as many players as necessary, and that is clear in the titles they have on offer.

Not only do the games provided by Microgaming cover a wide array of game types and a huge number of styles and themes, they also support around 50 languages and over 25 different currencies.

Like most high profile developers, Microgaming has been slowly expanding across the world over the last decade or so, and as a result, their games are available around the globe.

The Quickfire Platform

Microgaming’s Quickfire platform is one of the most well-known around. As well as offering the gull Microgaming portfolio, Quickfire also offers titles from a range of other top-quality developers.

This means that any casino that utilises the Quickfire platform is immediately able to offer thousands of games to their players.

The Quickfire platform offers various languages and currencies, and allows clients to customise and automate processes to make the platform easier for both them and their players.


Microgaming have close to 1,000 titles in their collection by this point, and it would obviously be impossible to go through them all.

But let’s take the time to have a look at just some of the excellent titles that this popular developer has to offer players.

Immortal Romance

One of Microgaming’s most popular titles, Immortal Romance bares more than a subtle resemblance to the Twilight saga, telling the story of love between vampires this is very much one for the teenagers in terms of thee.

However, the attention to detail and the vast number of ways to pick up wins, as well as the impressive design, ensures that Immortal Romance appeals to a far wider audience than just Twilight fans.

Thunderstruck II

Thunderstruck is a game that player still enjoy, but most prefer the sequel.

Taking the original concept and running with it, Thunderstruck II is an energetic game that brings the world of action films to life while also offering big wins for the fortunate.


Avalon is another Microgaming title with a successful sequel, but the original still has enough charm to make it worthy of attention.

Arthurian legend is at the heart of the concept here, something that we are all very familiar with now, but was a rarer sight back when Avalon was released.

Despite its age, this game can still stand up with the best of them, with five reels, 20 paylines, and a stack of exciting features.

Other Games

While slots may be the most popular game type from Microgaming, they are far from the only thing on offer.

The developer offers some exciting bingo games for fans of that category, and a host of table and card games too.

With some Live Casino games, and some more traditional table games, you can find baccarat, blackjack, craps, poker, and roulette in various forms in the Microgaming collection.

Whatever you are looking for from your iGaming experience, there is no doubt that Microgaming will have it in abundance. This is a developer that has been catering for all tastes for a long time, and that is something that is only improving as time goes on.

While many older software developers have been left by the wayside somewhat in terms of keeping up with the evolutions in the industry, Microgaming don’t seem to struggle, and are keeping their place as one of the very best developers in the industry, which, combined with their longevity, makes them arguably the kings of the online casino kingdom!