Infinity Gaming Casino Sites

Infinity Gaming Solutions is an Isle of Mann based iGaming company that offers a platform providing white label gaming solutions for back office scenarios.

The company is regulated by the Isle of Man Gambling Supervision Commission, and the United Kingdom Gambling Commission (UKGC), two of the most respected regulators in the iGaming world.

When it comes to finding success in the highly competitive online gambling industry, being different is immensely important, and this is something Infinity Gaming Solutions seem to be very aware of.

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About Infinity Gaming Solutions

The origin story of Infinity is one that will be familiar to those who keep up with new names in the industry. It was started by a group of industry experts looking to create something fresh.

With a combined 50 plus years of experience amongst its creators, Infinity was certainly well positioned to do just that, and they have more than followed through on this potential.

Infinity was one of the first companies to not treat a gaming platform as a secondary priority. The majority of developers up to that point (and, to a certain degree, still at this point) have other products and services that act as the flagship of their business, with a platform being something of an afterthought.

Infinity went in a different direction, building outwards from a gaming platform. The way the platform is built gives clients the ability to take as much, or as little of both front and back end solutions as necessary, creating a product that can be 100% tailored to the needs of each operator the company works with.

These bespoke offerings range from fully white label set-up, to a platform that is perfect for operators looking to self-manage and provide their own games.


Infinity Gaming Solutions offer a wide range of services to clients, acting as the proverbial one-stop shop that every company aspires to be.

This includes over 600 games from mainstream, popular providers and a handful of lesser known, up and coming independent developers.

Also offered is a user friendly back end, a fully scalable platform, licensing solutions, and more.

Everything that is offered by Infinity is done so at a competitive cost, making it a good option for seasoned veterans of the industry, or new names in the market.

Midaur Casino

As well as creating and hosting sites through their state of the art gaming platform, Infinity have also taken the time to create a site of their own in the shape of Midaur Casino.

At a glance, there is little different about this casino, the black and gold colour scheme is a common one, and the layout is effective, but simple.

It is reasonable to assume, however, that Midaur Casino is not necessarily a site created to appeal to customers, although, with a host of top-quality games and some exiting promotions, it is likely to do that.

Instead, what this casino is, is an advert for what Infinity can do, the simplicity ensures nothing is too distracting, instead, Midaur acts as a perfect billboard for all what the company can provide.

It is a smooth, sleek site, that is easy to navigate, simple to use, and with the design acting as something of a blank slate, it’s possible for clients to imagine exactly what they would want, and how it would work.

For players, Midaur is worth a little attention too. As stated, it is not particularly interesting to look at, but you’ll be hard pushed to find a site that works so smoothly, meaning there is a lot to offer here.

What’s Next?

The release of Midaur in 2017 made many assume that Infinity would follow it up with a stack more online casinos, but that has not happened yet.

Instead, all the attention in that regard is focused on Midaur, ensuring the quality of the site continues to improve.

Beyond that, Infinity Gaming Solutions look set to continue to build their global reputation as the providers of one of the most state of the art platforms around, and the client list looks set to only continue growing from here.

While many other companies are looking to have their fingers in as many iGaming pies as possible, which is a tactic that has proven effective for some, Infinity is going the other way, and putting all their attention into their platform, and the services it provides.

While this may take away some other revenue streams, it puts Infinity Gaming Solutions in an excellent position to be among the first options considered when a new company is looking for a platform.