Top 10 UK Casino’s Offer Free Spins – No Deposit Required

There are many ways that an online casino may try and tempt in new players, be it with an attractive design, a catchy tagline, or a host of exciting games and varied game categories.

However, undoubtedly the most popular bait that is put out for players is a collection of enticing promotions, that will normally start with a welcome bonus.

While many casinos offer bonus cash, which is normally a percentage of your deposit, it is becoming increasingly popular to offer free spins.

But what exactly are free spins? And are they as free as they sound?

Does Free Really Mean Free?

You may have noticed that in recent years many sites have stopped using the term “free spins”, instead stating that they offer “extra spins” or just “spins” in some cases.

The reason for this is that many of the free spins offers that are available at online casinos involve something from your side, usually wagering requirements.

Many sites will require you to fulfil a wagering requirement before gaining access to any winnings you pick up from your spins, this will normally be depositing and wagering a certain multiple of the value of the spins, 30x for example, which means you have to spend a lot of money before you can withdraw your winnings, which is certainly not free.

The Exceptions to the Rule

There are, however, a few online casinos that buck this trend, and actually offer free spins with no wagering requirements attached.

While these sites will have some terms and conditions, like maximum withdrawal limits meaning you can only win a certain amount from your spins, they do give the opportunity to win from free spins without having to jump through too many hoops.

These casinos will normally have free spins offers that appear, at first, less impressive than those available at many other online casinos, but the lack of wagering requirements means that they can be substantially more lucrative, especially if you are a casual player who is unlikely to wager the hundreds of pounds necessary to reach the wagering requirements of more impressive looking free spins bonuses.

The likes of All Cash Casino, PlayOJO, Power Spins, and Rizk Casino are just a few of the sites that offer free spins with no wagering requirement attached.

It should be pointed out that you will normally have to make a deposit to trigger these bonuses, and it is often the case that the more you deposit, the more spins you receive (up to a set limit), but you do not have to wager any of the cash deposited in order to withdraw winnings from these spins.

Winning Caps

The majority of free spins offers you will find; however they refer to themselves, and whether they have wagering requirements or not, will come with a cap on the maximum winnings you can receive from free spins.

This is, when you consider it, kind of fair enough, it is not in a casino’s best interest to be given out huge amounts of money free of charge.

While these caps may appear frustrating at first, the truth is it is unlikely they will affect you. Say you get ten free spins on a specific slot with a cap of £40, the chances of you gaining £40 or more from these spins is very low, therefore any winnings you do receive are probably going to be under that cap, and therefore you will not even notice that it exists.

Bonus Cash

The last bit of small print that is worth being aware of is “bonus cash”, which can probably be best translated as “not your cash”.

While the sites listed above, along with most other online casinos that offer no wager free spins will usually allow you to withdraw the money you win from your spins, this is often not the case at other online casinos.

As these casinos, your winnings will be given in bonus cash, which means that you are unable to withdraw it, and that cash only exists on the site.

This will usually be connected to a wagering requirement, meaning the cash will stop being bonus cash when you wager the necessary amount, but that is not always the case, and sometimes all this cash will do is allow you to play games for free and get a sense of how they work, which is no bad thing, but can be a little disappointing if you are not aware of it beforehand.

Other Factors to Consider

It is pretty much impossible to find an online casino that offers free spins on any slot of your choosing, they will normally be offered on a specific game.

While it seems somewhat unfair to complain about this, being that they are free spins, after all, it is worth being aware that this is true beforehand.

Another thing to keep in mind is that promotions aren’t everything, while a free spins bonus can seem very tempting, and can indeed give you the chance to play a slot for free and maybe even win some money (terms and conditions dependent, as mentioned above) they are not the be all and end all of everything.

When picking the right online casino site to play at, it is important to not be distracted by bright lights and shiny things, if you are taken in solely by a promotion, you may ultimately discover that the site offering that promotion isn’t for you at all.

If you are happy to make a deposit, take your free spins, wager your deposit, withdraw your winnings, and then move on to the next site, that’s fine, but if you’re looking for a new online casino to make your home for playing your favourite games, then it’s worth checking out our reviews and guides to find the right site for you.

Free spin promotions are often too good to be true, but if you look in the right places, then you may actually be able to profit from them, and while it is unlikely to be a life changing amount of money, every little helps, right?