Apple Pay Casino Sites

As online payment methods became more popular, it was never going to take long for Apple to release their own option, and that’s what they have done in the shape of Apple Pay.

Unlike many payment methods used in the online gambling industry, which tend to focus primarily, or at least substantially on that particular industry, the rising popularity of Apply Pay as an iGaming payment option has almost been a residual effect, caused by the immense popularity of the payment method in many other sectors.

Apple Pay gives users the opportunity to pay for products and services using their Apple device, both physically and online.

This may be one of the newest names in the payment method market, but the weight that the Apple name carries pretty much ensures a certain level of success, and the fast and secure payments allowed by the method certainly help with that!

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How Does it Work?

Starting life in 2014, Apple Pay does not have the longevity of other payment methods, but it is simple to use for Apple customers, which has boosted its popularity quickly.

In simple terms, Apple Pay is an e-wallet that allowed Apple users to make payments directly from their account using their compatible Apple device.

Compatible with all Apple devices released since 2014, including iPads, iPhones, and Apple Watches, Apple Pay has opened the door to a new simplicity when it comes to making payments, one that combines physical and online payments.

While the likes of Skrill have released a pre-pay Mastercard in the past, with have found some popularity, Apple Pay takes a simpler approach.

Once Apple Pay is set up to your device, all you need to do is link your bank card to your Apple Pay app. Once that’s done, payments will be made using device specific codes, meaning your bank details will never be saved on your device, or shared with any other parties.

The information provided will only be saved on Apple’s secure servers, which boast state of the art cyber-security which continues to evolve and improve.


Cryptocurrency has led to an increase in the desire for relative anonymity when it comes to online payments, and while Apple Pay can‘t come close to the levels utilised by Bitcoin and its ilk, it does the next best thing.

Transaction information is not retained on your device, recent transactions may be for a short period, but nothing is kept long term.

Apple Pay also uses touch ID technology, which removes any concerns about someone being able to pay using your Apple Pay if your phone is lost or stolen.

This makes Apple Pay not only one of the simplest, but also one of the safest payment methods for online gamblers.


Like every payment method, there are limitations to Apple Pay.

Firstly, the most obvious issue, is that if you do not have an Apple device, then Apple Pay is not an option. This makes Apple Pay one of the most limited options for gamblers.

The second issue, which is more likely to resolve in time, is that there are limited options right now for those who want to play at online casinos using Apple Pay.

In fact, at this point, only two operators offer Apple Pay as a payment method, Bet365 and Sky Bet. Obviously, this is an issue for players with accounts at any other sites.

However, with the popularity and scope of Apple and the Apple Pay product, as well as the simplicity of use it offers, we can assume it won’t be too long until Apple Pay is offered at many more sites.

The Future of Apple Pay and iGaming

So, Apple Pay certainly offers something new, but at this point, it’s limited, and with so many options already available for online casino fans and players, can this new kid on the block stand up to the competition?

The answer is a simple one, its Apple, so probably. It is unlikely that Apple Pay will take the place of the giants of the iGaming industry when it comes to payment methods, but that doesn’t feel like the intention.

Offering payment options for online casino players is simply another string to the bow for Apple Pay, which is revolutionising the way payment in a host of different industries all at once.

However, to bet against growth would be silly, expect to see Apple Pay becoming a payment method at most of your favourite online casinos in the very near future.