How to get half price Lush

How to get half price Lush

Lush is something that I refuse to give up – having a Lush bath relaxes me and helps me to indulge myself. Couple it with some nice candles and I am very happy. However, Lush isn’t the most budget friendly cosmetic brand. Every year I manage to save 50% on my favourites, keeping me stocked […]

September 2015 money making challenge introduction

September challenge introduction

September is finally here, which means it is time for another money making challenge. As you know, in July I set a target of £2,000 and outdid myself, the same for August’s £1,000 challenge. September’s goal is £2,000. My rules This £2,000 is above my usual wages from work and won’t include any overtime payments […]



My office desk has become something of a dumping ground lately – and I am sure that it happens to all of us. Room 4 Interiors got in touch to ask if I would like to take part in a challenge to transform my desk for £20. They gave me £20 and left me to it. […]

Thrifty cleaning tips

Thrifty cleaning tips

In the last few months I have become obsessed with how clean my house is – I started with decluttering as it has helped my mental well being, and have since evolved into cleaning being my top priority. I never really learned to clean properly (that sounds so odd…but I didn’t) so it has been a […]

My DIY wedding makeup

wedding trial

Every bride wants to look her best on her wedding day, and this usually means having bridal hair and makeup done. There was no question about getting my hair done – by my usual hairdresser. As for the wedding makeup, I had no idea whether I wanted to DIY or book a makeup artist. I wanted to […]

Why I’m fed up with Aldi

Why I'm fed up with Aldi

This is a rant. I have been singing the praises of Aldi for years now…I mean my site even features Aldi in the name, so you know I love it. Or loved it. Cheaper prices alongside their British meat and dairy have made it a firm favourite. I’ve made the decision to stop shopping at […]

Profit Accumulator price increase

I recently brought you the story of my first month of matched betting, where I earned over £1,400 using Profit Accumulator. Whilst there are plenty of match betting websites out there – some of them even free, Profit Accumulator is the one that really helped me to understand match betting and help me to earn […]

Different types of loans

Different types of loans

Sometimes in life, things happen that mean we need extra cash, with many of us turning to loans to help us to pay for big purchases or life’s unexpected surprises. With so many different loan types available, it can be hard to know where to turn to for help. Pay day loans Pay day loans […]

The £30 food bank haul


Today I am going to be sharing a very personal story with you, surrounding food banks. This all came about from Think Money getting in touch and asking me if I would like to write a post about how much £30 can buy you to donate to a food bank, to tie in with their […]

Managing our money after marriage

Managing our money after marriage

Getting married has brought a whole host of changes to our lives, including how we manage our money. Last year I told you how we manage our money, and whilst there are a few tweaks, the fundamental bits stay the same. Deciding on joint vs personal spending The first thing that we had to do […]

DIY wedding bouquets for under £25

When pricing wedding flowers, I was really shocked at the hundreds of pounds that they would cost. We agreed on a friend doing them, but when we found that we couldn’t get what we wanted for under £200, I decided that I would attempt to make the bouquets myself. If it all went horribly wrong then […]

August 2015 Challenge – Week 2 results

August 2015 money making challenge - week 2 results

This month I have set myself a smaller goal of earning £1,000. Two weeks in and I have hit my goal – and I couldn’t be happier. Last week I told you how I had made £527.26 and this week I am proud to report that my total is now £1,006.69/£1,000 This week’s earnings: WhatUsersDo paid early for […]