Poundland finds September 2014

Poundland Finds - September Here we are again with another round of Poundland finds – September 2014 edition.

I simply can’t get enough of these Sally Hansen magnetic nail polishes. There seem to be more colours in Poundland every month.

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Free eBay listing 20 – 25 August 2014


Just in time for the bank holiday, eBay have free listing from now until 25th August 2014.

Create up to 100 listing(s) in addition to any other free listings you are eligible for in an eligible category during the promotion period using the auction-style format with Buy it now option or fixed price format with Best offer option and you won’t pay an insertion fee and/or fee for the Buy it now option for each listing during the promotion period.

Other feature fees and final value fees will still apply. The number of listings eligible under this promotion may be less where seller restrictions apply.

More information (including terms and conditions) on eBay.

Win £500 for reviewing an e-book

I do love a good competition, and effort based competitions are great ones to enter as the entrant pool is a lot smaller. I don’t usually post competitions that require a purchase, but this one is pretty small (£1.83) AND you get a brilliant book afterwards.

The Money Press is a book by Joey Moncrief about a variety of things a young entrepreneur did to earn some extra cash.

“Why are you always trying to make loads of money?” some people ask in an accusatory tone, as if they view entrepreneurs as greedy. You’d probably think I want a fancy car, a rambling home in its own grounds, exotic travel, a great lifestyle, and complete financial security … and you’d be right. But there’s a bigger reason. Making money is the most fun you can have with your clothes on.

 I view it as playing a vast pinball machine. The score clicks up and up through your skill as a player; the higher the score, the bigger the thrill. But this game is for real. The machine is the world. The numbers print out on your bank statement – and every mistake costs money. But I REALLY enjoy myself!

At school I only excelled at two things: English and art. There was no such thing as English college, so I went to art college, specialising in graphic design. Graphics often involves printing, and the college had a printing press. Soon, myself and three college friends were secretly churning out everything from wedding stationery to Christmas cards in the dead of night – and making lots of lovely lolly! That’s why the book’s called “The Money Press”.

When I left college I couldn’t get a design job: no working experience. So I hit on a wheeze. Our photographic tutor had a shop in our small seaside town, doing passport, portrait and industrial photography. I said, “If you’ve got five minutes, I’ll tell you how you can double your business.” He listened … and that’s when it all kicked off!

The Money Press is currently on sale at Amazon for £1.83, and it is well worth a read. But not only is this a book recommendation, there is also the chance to win £500 cash for writing a review (between 50-500 words) about The Money Press. You then need to email your review to the author (do not publish it to Amazon) before 15 October to stand a chance of winning.

Terms & conditions:

This competition is open to UK residents aged 18 and over, excluding the Promoter’s family, agents, anyone professionally connected to this competition, and anyone living outside the UK. 
Only one review per household is allowed. 
Reviews must be submitted by email, not by Royal Mail. 
Each entrant must have downloaded the e-book from the Amazon Kindle Store at a cost of £1.83.

Full details can be found at Cash Review.

Urgent mystery shopping tasks available

mystery shopsStreetbees are looking to fill a few remaining locations for mystery shopping visits. If you are able to get to any of these locations on Tuesday 19 August, Wednesday 20 August or Thursday 21 August then register now. Please be sure to mention “From Aldi To Harrods” in the “anything you’d like to tell us” box. Each job pays £5.

Glasgow G40 3TA
Denistoun G31 3AD
Rutherglen G73 2HZ

Callander Square FK1 1UJ
Grangemouth FK3 8BB

Carlisle CA3 8DP
London Road CA1 2EA

Tuebrook L13 8AE
Norris Green L11 1AD
Liverpool L5 6PX
Kensington L7 0LQ
Merseyside L13 5XG

Wolverhampton WV1 3HG
West Midlands WV2 3LQ
Bilston WV14 0BJ
Sedgley DY3 1SB
Wednesbury WS10 7HB

Coventry CV1 3JH
Coventry CV3 1HX
Cannon Park CV4 7EH
Bedworth CV12 8JX
Kenilworth CV8 1HB

Leicester LE3 0PE
Leicester LE1 3GP
Leicester LE2 6UL

Peko Guide – earn cash by playing games on your smartphone


Peko is a smart phone app (available on both iPhone and Android) that pays you to play games. All you have to do is play a game – there is no watching videos or completing mystery shopping, and therefore it is the easiest app to earn money from.

Peko roulette

Peko roulette style game

To play, you will have to connect to Facebook and “peko” someone – similar to poking them on Facebook. If they “peko” you back then you achieve “peko-peko” which then opens a roulette type game for you to both play. You will win points each and every time you play the game, although the amounts will vary depending on which slot your ball lands in. Both your and your peko partner’s winnings are shared between the both of you, so if they win gold and you only get blue, you will receive half the winning points. If you or your peko partner lands in the gold hole then you will go through to play a jackpot game, where you are given 10 slot spins for the chance to win more points.

Peko Jackpot challenge

Jackpot challenge after you or your peko partner land in the gold hole.

You are given 10 pekos – which is the maximum you can have at any time. Each time you peko someone, you use one peko. They regenerate over time – one peko per hour. There is a great glitch that gives you 10 pekos each time you invite someone – and it just so happens that you can send a text to yourself and gain the 10 extra pekos.

Once you reach 100,000 points, you can request payout via Paypal. You will have to pay the Paypal fees, so you will be left with around $9.70. It is easy to earn around 20,000 points a day, meaning you can easily cash out once a week.

Alongside the games, there are also missions to complete to boost your points by 1,000 for each completed mission. These include things like sending your first chat message and peko-ing someone for the first time. This is sort of a tutorial to learn how to use the app. Once you have completed the first 10 new comer missions, there are 5 veteran missions to undertake, netting you 2,000 for each completed mission.

If you are concerned about your Facebook privacy, once connected you can edit all your information within the Peko app, including your photo. The app does not post to Facebook or invite your friends. To edit this, go to my profile>edit.

Inviting friends to join Peko is another great way to increase your earnings. You can earn a bonus 5,000 points by signing up using my referral code, and I will get 5,000 points too. It is really easy to invite your friends – you can post the link to social media, send it in a text, email it or just copy and paste it elsewhere on the internet. Not only do you get points for referring friends, but you also get other bonuses for referring more friends. Refer 3 friends to unlock a 10,000 point bonus, your 5th referral will earn you another 10,000 point bonus, your tenth referral will earn you another 10,000 bonus and every 10 friends after that will earn you an additional 10,000 point bonus, up to a maximum of 100 friends.

My tips:

  • Don’t store your pekos. Once you have 10 they don’t regenerate, so you may as well use them and have more regenerating whilst you aren’t playing.
  • If someone pekos you, respond within 10 minutes and you will receive a 25% time bonus.
  • The scramble match is a great place to find online users to peko.
  • To try to land your ball in the gold slot, drop the peko ball when the gold is passing the bottom hole. The speed that you want to aim for it when the bar reached the “o” in drop. Then leave your finger on the hurry button. Alternatively you can drop the ball when the gold is at the top of the screen, at the lowest speed and wait for it to land in the gold.