Reverse wash your hair – 6 months on

Reverse wash your hair 6 months on

Earlier this year I blogged about the idea of reverse washing your hair – simply put, you condition and then shampoo your hair. I saw amazing results, and at the time of writing my post I had only tried it twice, but my hair was left feeling lighter, softer and took less time to dry. Now that was a few months ago, it is time for an update.

I am surprised to say that this still works for me. Out of six hair washes, I will typically do one the traditional way (shampoo then condition) and the other five times I stick to reverse hair washing. I do it the traditional way when my hair is perhaps a little dryer than usual and needs some extra conditioning. I have noticed some great improvements to my hair:

  • Being in a much better condition – in fact I got away with only having two hair cuts since April – and the second one was just a week ago.
  • Growing at a great rate.
  • More manageable.
  • Takes less time to blow dry.
  • Soft.
  • Able to use any shampoo and conditioner, I no longer have to stick to one brand.

I have also used this method whilst we were in Florida, where my hair was exposed to the sun and 35C daily, not to mention a ton of chlorine. I am definitely a covert to reverse washing my hair, and I will continue to do so.

If you tried reverse washing your hair, has it stuck with you?

Wine for £2.20 Per Bottle

WineI’m getting married next year, and one big cost that we have been dreading is wine. We don’t drink wine ourselves (or much alcohol really) and yet it was important to us to provide wine to our wedding breakfast guests. At roughly £5 per bottle, we calculated that we would need to spend roughly £120 to provide the wine we wanted to. Ouch.

However, Tesco and Quidco have come to the rescue, and I managed to get our wine for just £2.20 a bottle. First of all, you want to register with Quidco if you haven’t done so already. Then search for Tesco and click through to make your purchase.

Most of Tesco’s wines start at £4.99 – there are a few at £3.50, but we opted for £4.99 “First Cape” wines. Tesco currently have an offer where you get 25% off when you buy 4 or more bottles of wine, valid until 25th November 2015 (full terms and conditions). Which now makes your £4.99 bottle just £3.75, which is already a great saving. But if you are a new customer to Tesco online, or say perhaps someone else in your household is, you can use the code “XX3FP6″ to get £15 off your first order over £60. Assuming you buy 13 bottles of wine to get your total over £60, your wine is now £2.59 per bottle. Then, if you went through Quidco to receive £5 cash back you will bring your total down to £2.20 per bottle!

You can then either pay for delivery (make sure it is before 25th November) or do free click and collect.

Christmas Gifts All £5 and Under

On a budget this Christmas? Here is my gift guide full of presents for £5 or even less, and it includes some great names such as Emma Bridgewater, OPI, Minecraft, Disney’s Frozen, Marvel  and more.

Gifts for her under £5

  1. Photo frame from QD £2.89.
  2. Nails Inc nail polish in Marble Arch (concrete effect) from Nails Inc £5 (RRP £12). This same colour is on sale at Debenhams for £10.80.
  3. Snow Globe t-shirt from Primark (sizes 6-20) £3
  4. Smart phone gloves from ASOS £5
  5. Vintage daisies oilcloth coin purse from Dotcomgiftshop £3.95
  6. Snow Fairy shower gel from Lush £3.75
  7. Emma Bridgewater caddy from QD £2.90
  8. 6 swallow nail files from Dotcomgiftshop for £1
  9. OPI nail polish from Fragrance Direct (multiple colours available) £3.99 RRP £11.95

Gifts for him under £5

  1. Guardians of the Galaxy Awesome Mix key ring from ClassicCultCreations at Etsy £4.95
  2. Fan-tasche-tic Mug from Dotcomgiftshop £3.99
  3. Men’s ‘Real men grow beards’ T-shirt £5 Primark
  4. Old Spice set from Tesco £4.25
  5. Bacon salt from Firebox £4.99
  6. Captain America cufflinks from Amazon £2.06
  7. Ocean by Brut Aftershave from Amazon £4.85

Gifts for kids under £5

  1. Kids’ fluffy bunny backpack from Primark £5
  2. Set Of 12 Mini Woodland Design Colouring Pencils from Dotcomgiftshop £1.50
  3. Nature Trail Insect viewer from Dotcomgiftshop £3.95
  4. Pick up Sticks from The Works 59p
  5. Wooden Dominoes from The Works 59p
  6. Frozen Olaf figure from Amazon £4.43
  7. Minecraft calendar – £1 from Poundland
  8. Large Glow In The Dark Magic Set from QD £4.99

Secret Santa gifts under £5

  1. Baking Bad – The Ultimate Breaking Bad Inspired Baking Book from The Works £4.99
  2. Christmas Cooking Apron from Amazon 99p
  3. Think You Know It All – The Activity Book For Grown-Ups from The Works 99p
  4. I Love Spreadsheets notebook from The Works £2.99
  5. Yankee Candle Blissful Autumn tea lights £3.50
  6. How To Poo At Work from The Works £3.99
  7. Dairy Milk Biscuits Tin from Cadbury Gifts Direct £5


Gifts for pets under £5

  1. Santa Claws Cat Stocking from The Works £1
  2. Santa Paws Dog Stocking from The Works £1
  3. Denim Throw Toy from QD £3.77
  4. Go Wild Latex Giraffe from QD £3.29
  5. Sardine Catnip Toy Set from QD £4.84
  6. Carnival Cat Ball and Ribbon Dangler from QD £4.69
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Poundland finds November 2014

Poundland Finds - November

November, the time when we can start to think about the upcoming festive period. But for me it means a new month of Poundland finds to share with you. And once again, it did not disappoint. If you are looking to get a thrifty bargain then be sure to check out Poundland – it isn’t all tat!

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GameVillage Bingo – Free £40 and Spin the Wheel mania

I have been playing in a couple of bingo sites and there was no turning back since then. I don’t play just to win but explore various sites, especially on the delivery of their player offers. There are very few themed bingo sites, GameVillage Bingo is one of them. You could even own a home as you progress and upgrade your home to castles and higher!

 They have got fantastic deals for newbies, firstly you get a special first deposit bonus offer with 400% welcome bonus and a free spin. Their fortune wheel comprises of guaranteed prizes that gives you a better feel all the way. So if you make a deposit of £10 then you get £40 to play and finally £50 to play in all games. GameVillage Bingo also host some of the popular bingo rooms such as 80 ball bingo,75 ball bingo and even 90 ball bingo. Their bingo games have unique concepts which will definitely make you find them different as compared to others.

 They have their own exclusive bingo radio where you could tune into music any time and even win prizes from DJ. GameVillage Bingo boasts of their own forum which has all their players gather up and have a gala time. Their re-deposit bonus are good and worth of your money and time.