The Road to Financial Stability

The following post is a guest post. Everyone would like to have nice things, to live in a nice house, have regular holidays and only buy the best quality. Ironically that does not always mean shopping in the well-known retail outlets; at times their success is as much based on their marketing ability, their success […]

£2,000 July challenge – the results

July Challenge Results

In July I set myself my biggest earning challenge to date – to earn an extra £2,000 on top of my full time job. Week 1 saw me earn £954.84, week 2 got me to £1,541,79 and week 3 saw me more than beating the challenge with £2,148.95. I wanted to keep ploughing through for the final week […]

Where do millionaires invest their money?

Have you planned what you would spend your money on if you became a millionaire? Whether it be from a lottery win, inheritance, hard work or sheer luck. I have! There would be some sensible purchases such as housing and cars, some trust funds set up for the under 18s in my family and a […]

Blogger takeover results

glo decision tree

Last week glo challenge Kirsty and me to take over each other’s blogs. Kirsty wrote a post about some fantastic supermarket offers, and I wrote a recipe to go on Hijacked By Twins. I will be the first to admit that I was completely out of my comfort zone in writing a recipe post. I […]

Saving money as a new driver

Learning to drive is so expensive, and that is before you even start paying for your own car, tax, insurance and fuel. I was fortunate that my parents paid for my driving lessons when I turned 17, but after I started dating Tony is became apparent that he needed to learn to drive. The first […]

Sweet Ally Scoops Ice Cream Van Review

Sweet Ally Scoops review

We had no plans to hire an ice cream van for our wedding, but after a lot of people invited couldn’t attend, we were left with a nice chunk of our budget available. We first met Ally at a wedding fair at our venue, and immediately we were drawn to both her lovely ice cream van […]

Get over £30 for free with Quidco

quidco earnings

Quidco is a fantastic cashback website where you can earn cashback on your usual purchases for free. The idea behind cashback is really simple. Retailers pay Quidco every time that they send a customer to them and Quidco share this cashback with you! It is a win win situation where you can earn cashback on items […]

£2,000 challenge – week 3 results

July's make £2,000 challenge week 3 results

Have you seen my biggest money making challenge to date? I’m trying to earn an extra £2,000 in July, week 1 saw me earn £954.84, week 2 got me to £1,541,79 and now, week 3? Well…I’m done! That’s right, I am over the threshold! Yesterday my total got to £2,148.95, with one week of July still remaining. This is […]

Would you pay extra for Made In Britain

From Aldi To Harrods is a blog dedicated to all things thrifty – money saving and money making are hobbies for me. There are some situations, not many, where I am happy to pay extra. This includes buying British food (most of the fruit and vegetables, meat and dairy we buy is British). But I […]

Blogger takeover: Hijacked By Twins

Today’s post is part of a blog take over, arranged by glo. Glo help people who have had financial problems in the past, or perhaps they don’t have a credit history by asking them to provide a Guarantor against their personal loan. How does this relate to a blog take over? From Aldi To Harrods […]