Poundland finds – April 2014

Poundland Finds

I love having a good rummage around Poundland as there’s always something exciting to be found amongst the utter tat. Although I do love their tat too.

I popped in to the King’s Lynn (town centre) Poundland store mid-April and found some brilliant bargains that I had to share with you.


First up in pole position is this Carmex lipbalm in a stick! I have a bit of an addiction to Carmex stick balms, but they’re a massive £3.25 each in Boots. I tend to stock up whilst we’re in America for $1 each, but finding them in the UK for £1 each is amazing.


Sinful colours nail polishes are fast becoming my new favourites, even over OPI. There’s no chipping and the colour range is fantastic. They sell for £1.99 in Boots, so finding them in Poundland makes them half price.


I really couldn’t resist getting this Sally Hansen magnetic nail colour for £1. You can see the finished results in a photo I tweeted here – bearing in mind I’m not a beauty blogger so I hadn’t tidied them up or sorted my cuticles. The effect was brilliant, I’m very impressed for £1!


Various DVDs for £1 – Russell Kane – Smokescreens & Castles Live is £3.40 on Amazon, Paddy McGuiness Double Play saturday night live tour is £2.98 on Amazon and even Thomas, Percy & The Coal is £2.79.

What do you think of my Poundland finds?

GHD Air – review for bargainistas

Should you get a GHD Air hairdryer? Yes.

As I’m sure you’ve come to understand, I’m a bargainista. I like getting great deals and I don’t like spending money. A GHD Air costs £89 from Amazon. For a hair dryer. I’ll let you pick yourself up from the floor now.

I’d read a ton of reviews a few months ago, with bloggers finding that a GHD Air had fallen into their lap or landed on their Blogger HQ desk – which is Blogger Talk for “I got this for free and therefore it is amazing”. But unlike these bloggers, I went out and spent my own, hard earned money, on a GHD Air. And I’ll tell you what – it was the best money I have ever spent.

As I mentioned when I was talking about reverse washing your hair, I’ve got long, thick hair that gets straightened most of the time. My routine would take a good hour to wash, dry and straighten – which is a lot of time when you think about it. I’d earned some Amazon vouchers (thanks Swagbucks and Instagc) which helped me to lower the cost – always handy. You can also use Flubit – the offer for each person is different, but at the time, they priced it at £79, saving £10. If you don’t have Amazon vouchers to spend then I strongly recommend trying Flubit out. I’ve placed 4 orders with them now and I’ve not had any problems – just prices lower than Amazon!

In short, yes, the GHD Air is amazing. It dries your hair faster, it dries your hair smoother and more straight – meaning sometimes I can forgo the GHD straighteners. And it’s amazing. But don’t just take my word for it – I have washed my hair twice for you, my lovely readers. Take a look at this photo. On the left is my old turbo hair dryer, and on the right is my GHD air – with no difference but the dryer used. I love the results and sometimes don’t even bother with straightening my hair.


Free eBay listing 18-21 April 2014


Yay, another free eBay listing weekend is with us – this time covering the Easter weekend, 18-21 April.

Create up to 100 listing(s) with a starting price of £1 or more in an eligible category during the promotion period using the auction-style or fixed price format and you won’t pay an insertion fee for each listing during the promotion period. Full details can be found here.

By invitation only, but sometimes people don’t get the emails, so give it a try on Friday to see if you’re eligible.

Find a penny pick it up

Find a penny pick it up

You see a penny (or any coin!) on the ground, do you pick it up, or walk straight past it?

We love picking up coins from the ground, and starting in January, we decided to dedicate one of our coin jars to what we’ve termed our “roadkill” – money we’ve found on the ground. Today, curiosity got the better of me and I had to count it up. Can you believe that we’ve managed to find £3.01 already?

Sure, it won’t buy us a portion of chips each (we’ll have to share!) but I’m impressed that this was free money, just laying around on the ground. I’ve also seen people just throw coins on the ground because they don’t like having coins on them. Crazy.

Great places to look for coins:

  • The ground around car park payment machines.
  • Change compartment at coin payment machines – car parks, train stations, etc.
  • Around bins.
  • Coin operated trolley bays.
  • The ground near tills.
  • Outside kiosks.

So will you be picking up coins you see on the ground?

Aldi 69p chocolate bunny

Aldi 69p chocolate bunny 1

Easter is around the corner, so I’ve been working very hard for you, my lovely readers, and I’ve been testing out Easter chocolate. I know, it’s been a real struggle to help you all out, but it has been a sacrifice I’ve been willing to make.

A few weeks ago, I spotted these great chocolate bunnies in Aldi for 99p and I tried out the white one. Well move over Tony, I’ve found a new love of my life. And even better, they’re now on sale for just 69p, nationwide! They’re available in white, milk and dark chocolate – I’ve tried the white and milk chocolate, and whilst they aren’t Lindt bunnies, they’re pretty darn close. And a 100g Lindt bunny will set you back £2.50 – the Aldi bunny is 120g. You still get your foil wrapped bunny, complete with a bow around the neck.

Aldi 69p chocolate bunny

You’d think a cheap bunny would use very little chocolate, but the chocolate is pretty thick, especially around the ears and the bottom. And did I mention it is delicious? We’ve bought 10 since seeing them in store a few weeks ago, and we’ll be stocking up again this week before they’re out of stock for Easter.