Urgent: Get paid to record 450 phrases


On Monday night, I completed a task for Appen Butler Hill where I recorded myself saying 450 phrases and I earned just under £9. It took me about 35 minutes to get all 450 recorded. There is no software to download, it is all web based, or Android based.

I have now been given the opportunity to share this work with you. They are looking for me to recruit more people. You will need to have an invitation code, and I’ve got some left. You can easily tweet me, email me or even just respond to the post leaving your email address. All participants must be native speakers of English from the UK (any types of English/Welsh/Scottish/Northern Irish accents are acceptable).

The deadline for this is 11pm, TOMORROW 24 July. Due to the strict deadline, there isn’t enough time for Appen Butler Hill to approve your account. Because of this, you will perform the task under my account, and I will then forward the payment on to you. I will need your Paypal account to send the payment.

Earn £7 for a Lego Movie Photo


Urgent – can you take an instore photograph of the Lego movie promotional stand on 21 July 2014? Then you can earn £7. Even more if you visit more than one store!

Simply head over to The Money Shed to get all the information. Please be sure to mention The Money Shed, as it means that they can continue to bring exclusive earning opportunities to you.

How I lost £300 – a cautionary tale

It will be no surprise to you that I micromanage our finances. I know, within the penny, what should be in my account at any given moment, and I check my accounts daily.

At the start June, I had an unexpected £300 extra in my bank account. Now wait a moment – HOW? I even went as far as to ring my bank to see what was up. I spent almost 15 minutes on the phone to the personal banker, who assured me that the money was mine, there were no pending transactions and I could ahead and spend it. Yay.

Being the cautious person that I am, I put the money into savings. But after a month passed, I started to believe the money was mine. I mentally allocated the money to paying for our Florida hotel.

Fast forward to yesterday and my account was overdrawn. By a lot. I paid off my overdraft 6 years ago, and I keep it around for a safety net, but I hate going into it and I haven’t in the last 6 years. I quickly got on the phone to my bank, and queried the transactions that had sent me overdrawn. Straight away they were able to tell me that the transactions were from 4 June, and the retailers had only just taken the money.

I did spend the money, so no one has stolen my money, but what shocked me is that retailers have 6 years to claim your money. I am so grateful that I put that £300 aside into a savings account, because right now having to find a spare £300 would not be easy.

So this is just a cautionary tale – if you find yourself with more money than you should have, and your bank assure you that the money is yours, it still might not be.

Have you had anything similar happen to you? I’m on the fence about putting in a complaint about being told the money was definitely mine.

Work from home as an Audio Typist

Audio Typist

Genuine working from home opportunities seem few and far between, which is why I was really keen to share this vacancy with you. 

TakeNote are currently recruiting for Audio Typists, click here to see the vacancy. 

To qualify, you must confirm that:

  • I have an excellent understanding of the English language, both spoken and written and have at least a grade C in English GCSE.
  • I can type accurately at 65wpm.
  • I have access to a fast, secure broadband connection.
  • I possess my own laptop/pc with anti virus software and Microsoft Office installed.
  • I have a sound card and high quality headphones or speakers.
  • I am based in the UK.
  • I am over 18.
  • I am registered as self employed or will be doing so shortly, and understand should my application be successful I will be working for Take Note on a freelance basis.

There are two tests that you can quickly take on the vacancy page to see whether it would be a good match for you.

If successful, you will earn £25 per hour of full transcription audio, £15 for summaries and £10 for remote notes. Payment is made for the audio, and it typically takes 3-4 times the length of the audio to type the full transcription. To get paid you will need to invoice Take Note monthly and you’ll be paid via BACS in the first fortnight of each month.

There are 4 different shift patterns that you can pick up:

  • Early morning – file sent to you by 6am – deadline for return, 10am.
  • Day shift – file sent to you by 11am (often earlier) – deadline for return, 4pm.  
  • Evening shift – file sent to you by 5pm – deadline for return, 6am the following morning.
  • Weekend shifts usually have longer deadlines but transcribers can receive up to 120 mins of audio.

Thank you to Jon from The Money Shed. If you’d like to see the thread with more details, click here.

Save money on your trip to Florida – spending money

Cheap Orlando Holidays - spending money

Knowing how much money to take to Florida can be a minefield, and I don’t think that there is one set answer for this. I set aside £1,500 (about $2,300) when I went in 2012 but I did buy myself an iPhone and had about £300 left over. I go absolutely mad with shopping when I’m over there – I literally wait for my trip to Florida to stock up on my favourite make up (MAC at the outlets), Converse (which I always end up selling despite trying to convince myself that I am a Converse kinda girl), Wilton baking supplies, random crap from Dollar Tree, so many sweets and much (much, much, much more). I bring two suitcases home. When I went with Tony last year, we both brought two suitcases home as we’d been buying a lot of wedding things.

Parking at the theme parks runs at $14-$15 per day (around £10). If you visit two theme parks from the same company on the same day (two Disney parks, two Universal parks, etc) then your parking is transferable. Some of the theme parks let you park for free from around 5pm, although this really is hit and miss and won’t apply to Magic Kingdom. If you’re staying at that resort then you get free parking for your stay.

Eating out can be done for as little or as much as you want. A great money saving tip is to fill up at a breakfast buffet in the mornings, and these generally keep you going until dinner (dinner being the evening meal in this case), with perhaps an ice cream or something to tide you over. You can also take snacks with you into the parks, and if you’re very prepared, you can even pack a full on picnic to leave in a cooler box in your car. You can also sign up to restaurant’s mailing lists (here’s a handy list for you to sign up to) before your departure and they will come with money off coupons. And there’s free coupons in the weekly paper (Orlando Sentinel).

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